Do one thing that scares you every day: How Elenore Roosevelt helped build my business

I love quotes both on a business and personal scale.  I have random quotes hanging all over my office and I often find myself referring to them and making it a goal for that week to do what the goal says.  So, my life and business quote for many months after I moved to Michigan and started a new business was from Elenore Roosevelt “Do one thing that scares you every day!” I took this quote to heart when I started building my dream portfolio. I moved to Michigan with my husband Quentin just over 2 years ago now.  We decided we were ready for a career change and a location change.  We were ready to jump out of the nest and spread our wings.  So, as I have talked about in some of my other blogs, we sold everything, quit our jobs and moved to Michigan.  A state we had never even visited and knew no one here. It was an adventure, Quentin and I for the first time ever would be completely away from family and friends. All of our Kansas people thought we were crazy and would be back in a ma

Maybe its just me?

I have a question for everyone... Does it bug you when you have someone come to your home to do work without their company name or logo anywhere visible?  There is no identification anywhere, shirt, jacket, car, lanyard, business card.....Nothing Nowhere.  Maybe is just me... I have had work being done at my home the past few weeks and I am just shocked that from big companies to small no one wears anything that identifies them.  Sure you can dig in my yard, come into my home without any identification on you at all...  One of the extremely nice workers even told me that a customer would not let him into her home the week before because he had nothing showing he was who he said he was.   Branding employees and yourself is so easy and can be cost effective.  Here are some ideas in a wide range of price points.   Business Cards Name Tags T-shirts Polos Jackets Coats Hoodies Stocking Caps Car Magnets Lanyards  Refrigerator Magnets  Stickers/Labels  Pens Get yo

Giving Back? Can small companies give back?

Businesses both large and small work at giving back to the community in many ways, during a disaster both local or in other parts of the country or rallying around at the holiday and adopting a family. Corporate Giving, also known at corporate philanthropy, refers to the act of for- profit companies donating some of their profits or resources to charity.  Donations may come from the company directly, or through separate, company-sponsored foundation or public charity. When you are a small company like we are, you want to give back!!!  You may not have a corporate giving budget.  There are 3 easy ways you can give back Donate items from your organization Volunteer your time Adopt a family Several years ago, as a small business owner I wanted to think of a way we could give back that would make an impact on people’s lives.  At Christmas I was volunteering at a food/clothing pantry.  I asked the director what was needed most.  They serve a huge homeless community.  She said th

5 Tips for working from home

For the first 17 years of my career I got up at 4:30 went to the gym and then headed off to work.  I had to be at the office by 6:30 to be prepared to get my workers out the door with their daily jobs.  I was working in the landscape industry so it was early to be early rise in those days.  The time we had to work was from sun up to sun down and it started all over the next day.  As you can imagine that was a long 17 years and I was pretty exhausted by then.  So, when my Husband Quentin and I decided to pick up everything and move across the country to Michigan, I naturally thought it was a great time to do a major career move! I know right, let’s move to a state where we know no one and start a completely new career with a company based out of the Kansas City area.  Well, as Elenore Roosevelt famously said “Do something that scares you every day”! I took this quote to heart and started in on a journey that would change my life forever. With this new career came a new freedom of wor

Holiday Gift Giving

The past few days here in Kansas City the air has turned towards the coolness of fall nights.  The season of gift giving will soon be upon us.  There are only  110 days  until Christmas! Now is the time to get your end of the year gift giving into place. Here are just a few reminders of things that come to mind for the end of the year giving. Employee Recognition End of the Year Recognition Holidays Customer Appreciation Corporate Gifts Big or small giving we can do it all. We have some amazing holiday catalogs we would like to share with you.  Click the links below. Magnet Group – drink-wear, blankets, journals, mailers, awards Magnet Group Holiday Catalog Sweda – tools, bags, gift sets, drink-wear, speakers, watches Sweda Holiday Catalog PCNA Holiday – apparel, technology, blankets, gift sets, custom packaging PCNA Holiday Catalog How can Davidson Promotional Help? Let us do your shopping.  We are happy to send you presentations with pictures and pri

Throwback with a modern twist.

As a young child, we were allowed to watch TV for an hour after school before dinner.  This only happened in the fall and winter when the days were cold and blustery.  In early elementary school, I would come home and watch the iconic Mr Rogers. He came in the door put on his sweater and change into his sneakers.  I always thought that the sweater looked warm and inviting.  This fall and winter when the temps drop and you need some warm comfort check out the equinox knit blazer. From day to night this sweater will give you warmth and comfort with no need to change! Equinox Knit Blazer:  This is a fashion forward look that women will love.  It is made with a washable wool that is easy to care for and it features a shawl collar, tapered waist and a drop back hem.  This blazer can go easily from the office, to out for drinks with friends. This blazer has many options for decoration including shoulder, sleeve and left chest imprints. As I grew older my tastes in TV changed and on Sa

Branding at its Best!

Brand visibility is so important in today’s market.  We want to be your branding experts from promotional products, apparel, and print we can do it all for you. Click below to watch our video on how to carry your brand across different products. Branding Video Call us today 913-851-9100 (KS) or 586-960-5752 (MI) to get the best ROI on your brand.