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Do one thing that scares you every day: How Elenore Roosevelt helped build my business

I love quotes both on a business and personal scale.  I have random quotes hanging all over my office and I often find myself referring to them and making it a goal for that week to do what the goal says.  So, my life and business quote for many months after I moved to Michigan and started a new business was from Elenore Roosevelt “Do one thing that scares you every day!” I took this quote to heart when I started building my dream portfolio. I moved to Michigan with my husband Quentin just over 2 years ago now.  We decided we were ready for a career change and a location change.  We were ready to jump out of the nest and spread our wings.  So, as I have talked about in some of my other blogs, we sold everything, quit our jobs and moved to Michigan.  A state we had never even visited and knew no one here. It was an adventure, Quentin and I for the first time ever would be completely away from family and friends. All of our Kansas people thought we were crazy and would be back in a mat…